Frequently Asked Questions

Are the fingerprints sterling silver?

Our fingerprints are fine silver which means they are more pure than sterling. Sterling silver contains a mixture of other metals and alloys which mean it is 92.5% silver, while fine silver is 99.9% pure. All the items we attach to the fingerprints such as chains, clasps, key fobs are sterling silver.

How old does my baby have to be for a fingerprint to be taken?

There are no definitive rules about how old a baby should be as fingerprints, by their very nature, will vary from child to child. As a guide we would recommend your little one is at least 6 months old but of course if you wanted to try to capture their print a little younger we are happy to have a go. The impression your child makes will be unique to your child and your finished piece will be a one-off masterpiece. We take deep impressions, so even if the whorls are not very clear the indentation is still very much a fingerprint. When the impression is taken you will be able to see whether your child has visible whorls in their fingerprint. Every child is different, every child is unique and every piece of jewellery is as individual as your child.

How big will the fingerprint be in the finished jewellery?

As all our fingerprints are taken in person directly into the clay they will appear in the finished jewellery just as they do when taken. If you baby is tiny then the fingerprint impression will be tiny too. If you wish to have adults fingerprints in your piece we will recommend the best size, shape or finger to use in order to give you the most effective piece. We are very proud that all our fingerprint pieces have been touched by the actual person and not just produced from a kit.

Can I have a name put on the back of a charm?

Of course! We will happily engrave a name onto your piece to make it even more personal for you. We recommend that this is done on the back so that the front of your piece features only the most important part, the print. If you particularly want something written on the front we will of course consider the individual piece. We can engrave with our own neat handwriting or stamp for that more formal style.

My son is in his twenties, will his feet be too big for a charm?

This is a frequently asked question and the answer is 'no he isn't too old'. There are no upper or lower age limits for the jewellery we make. All the hand and footprints are carefully miniaturised to fit your chosen item of jewellery. Even new born babies feet, as tiny as they are, need to be made even smaller to wear on your wrist.

I would love a charm made of my pet's paw print, could you do this?

Yes! We will use the same technique to capture pet's prints as we use for our hand and foot print range so anything we make can also feature your pet prints. We will require your help with taking the print as animals can be interesting to work with!

What happens if I do not like my item?

We are sure that you will be delighted with our products as we take a good deal of pride in our work. If there is a problem that is our fault we will attempt to rectify or re-make your item. However, being a small company and by the very nature of the product, if you simply do not like the result we will not be able to offer a refund. We do hope that you understand.

How do I look after my jewellery?

All silver will tarnish over time. This process is natural but some substances in our daily lives will speed the process up, contact with soap, hairspray, perfume, food, latex and even the natural oils on our hands can tarnish silver quicker.

We recommend that you use a good quality jeweller's silver cloth regularly as part of your jewellery cleaning routine before the tarnish process begins. Always remove jewellery before showering or swimming as silver can react with chemicals and chlorine. By nature, pure silver is a much softer metal than sterling silver and it will naturally mark and scar, this is a natural characteristic of pure silver and means your charm will age and wear gradually over time.

If I have cufflinks made, can I have one child's fingerprint on one and one on the other?

Absolutely, it is lovely being able to compare the size of your children's prints. If you have 4 children just have two sets made.

If you have a question call 01233 519652 or email us today. We are here to help.