Host a Silver & Special Party

Depending on location, you can host a party for you and your friends. By doing this you will then be eligible for up to 25% discount on the items you buy for yourself.

Hosting a private session couldn't be easier, just invite a few interested friends around for a cuppa and we will bring along a few sample pieces, answer all your questions and deal with your special requests. If your friends have children it is ideal to bring them along and any prints can be taken there and then meaning you can then sit back and wait for your beautiful piece of jewellery to arrive. There will be no pressure selling, just a fun, relaxed atmosphere and a chance to treat yourself, what could be better! Call for more details or to book a date.

Call 01233 519652 or email for more details or to book a date.

If you have a question call 01233 519652 or email us today. We are here to help.