The Silver & Special Process

Keepsake jewellery of this kind has been made possible by a product called PMC. PMC, or precious metal clay, is pure silver combined with water and organic binder resulting in a product with clay like consistency. This enables the silver to be manipulated, printed and shaped exactly as you want it. Once the clay has dried the piece can then be sanded, engraved and fired.

During firing the organic binder burns away leaving 99.9% pure silver. Antiquing, polishing and finishing complete the process leaving a fine silver piece. All of our pieces are 100% handmade and we strive to produce items that retain that handmade quality. They will not look as though they have been stamped out of a machine. Surface variations are to be expected and add to the natural beauty and individuality of these unique keepsake pieces. Every item is bespoke and handmade by someone who cares, just for you!

Our fingerprint jewellery features your chosen fingerprint, taken in person, directly into the silver clay. Handprint, footprint and artwork pieces are made using an inkless wipe kit. This kit creates an image which is then scanned and resized to produce a completely unique stamp which can then be pressed into any item you choose.

Once the stamp is created we will keep it so that you can use it again in the future if you require another beautiful item.

Your item will usually take up to 2 weeks to produce and will be presented in our very own Silver & Special packaging. We will deliver either in person or via Royal Mail Special Delivery to ensure your item reaches you in perfect condition.

If you have a question call 01233 519652 or email us today. We are here to help.